When you a have large number of customers who would like to sell your products online, you can now offer them the Virtual reseller store. Virtual reseller is an online store which is integrated with your master store for inventory and pricing. Iinventory and pricing that is updated on the master store is reflected automatically on all child stores. This makes it easy to create a large number of online stores which can then be independently operated and managed while not having the overhead of independent store management. The orders received at the child store can be directly managed by master store or can be handled individually by the child store manager. Individual store operators can also add additional inventory which is not carried by master store thus customizing the product line along with look and feel of the store.
This solution works very well for franchise models as well as distributor-dealer models. Virtual reseller can also be used to create an e-commerce store for companies who do not carry inventory and work with multiple vendors to drop ship their orders. This system can be integrated with vendors catalogs and ERP to automatically sync with products and order data.
Virtual-reseller includes all the powerful features necessary to build and manage an e-commerce store. This includes merchandizing, order management, payment integration, shipping integration, email marketing, customer support and much more.
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