Service-match is a platform which enables service provider to match their offering with service recipients with their requirements. This is natural progression from the classified advertisements, where providers and recipients post the ads. In this case they post a little more information which gets matched up with different criterion automatically. Once this match takes place, both parties are informed about the match and the transaction takes place. The engine also has provision for rating system, ranking attributes. The transactions can then be charged by the operator as transaction fee or can take the ownership of the seller’s services. The platform is ecommerce enabled and can charge the credit card of the service recipient and can invoice the client for services received. System has a powerful messaging solution built in which keep all the parties informed through email. Email marketing module can be used to send out newsletter or promotions.
Build your service portal to work with different service providers and clients who are looking for those services. You get to match the recipient and provider profile and execute the deal. This system support different business models where you could be the point of sale or just connect and charge a fee.
Admin Feature
Monitoring activity
Approve providers
Send newsletter
Send out promotions
Service Provider Feature
Create account
Update profile
Update charges
Service Recipient Feature
Post requirements
Receive matching service provider
Post services received time sheet and feedback
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