Massmail is an email marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. It is a feature-rich web based application. Using Massmails core engine, we provide different community building solutions, such as Creating, sending and tracking professional emails and newsletters in minutes. As we all know sending the right message to the right person at the right time results in positive ROI and business growth.
Manage Contacts
Massmail allows you to import contacts from email service providers such as yahoo, hotmail, Gmail. For other applications you can export contacts in-to a CSV or excel file and then import CSV or excel file in to Massmail. Massmail allows you to create groups to easily manage campaigns as well as auto delete duplicate contacts
Professional Templates
Massmail comes equipped with hundreds of ready to use professional templates to suit every business need. Whether you run a restaurant or have your own retail store. Massmail has developed a range of free templates so you can create campaigns in minutes. You can choose to use one of these ready templates or create your own template.
Online Surveys /Polls
With Massmail, you can quickly and easily create quickly and easily online surveys to gain the insight you need to connect with your customers. Hundreds of pre-designed templates make it simple to create surveys in minutes. After the results are in, powerful metrics and custom reports will provide you deep insight in to your survey.
Enterprise Reporting
Massmail’s enterprise reporting module provides you with in depth analysis of your campaign. Analyze your broadcast by Opens, Bounce Rate, Forwards, Clicks, Unread and Unsubscribe/opt out rates, Massmail also provides Segmented Reporting, the option to filter by domains, compare broadcasts and geo location visualization.
Massmail enables you to create a marketing campaign, then set up a schedule for that campaign, enabling you to choose when your materials are sent out. Also provided are advanced features such as removal of duplicate emails, black list and white list creation for broadcast sending.
Integrate with Social Media
When email marketing and social media are combined, it strengthens the reach and viral marketing potential of both channels. Massmail provides you with technology and tools to integrate your campaign with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you can increase the reach of your campaign.
Amplify your Contact List
Leads become customers. When it comes to capturing new leads, Massmail makes it easy to attract prospects and grow your customer list by allowing you to capture subscribers from your website, customize your subscription box, integrate with 3rd party applications and integrate your subscriber box with social media.
Mail Deliverability
Email deliverability is our top priority and we take it very seriously. We work with major ISP's to ensure your campaign does not land in the junk box. We support and authenticate campaigns using DKIM, SenderID, SPF, and Domain Keys.
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